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January 8, 2018

Public Masturbation in Suburbia

I went to a large store and my daughter (aged 2) walked over to one of the televisions playing as it was a cartoon show. A man sitting there (another customer?) began masturbating. This made me feel angry, afraid, and confused as to why a man would do this in public, let alone in front of a woman, and this case, a woman with a young child with her. I told the…
December 19, 2017

What are business owners doing about…

Walked into this establishment to meet friends. I was stared at by two men much older than myself. I found my friends and when I turned around I saw two other men staring, one then waved. I told a friend what happened. When I later went to use the bathroom, my friend came into the bathroom to make sure I was OK. She said the two men, including the one…
Avenues West
December 10, 2017

Sexual Harassment at the Bus Stop

Walking on the street and guy waiting in a bus shelter gave me the yah baby look coupled with a smirk. I stared back and when I got to the street corner I took a picture of him. He saw me do so and flipped me off. I told him the picture was for the police. I sent the picture to campus security, which was going to check out the…