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Downer Woods
March 27, 2019

Harassment at School

Male professor stared me up and down in the elevator. Another male professor likes to look at women's backsides (the bigger the better). This same professor who looks at women's backsides also told me that another male professor responds well to me, if you know what I mean. Countless incidents of slimy hellos and looking up and down at my body from male students, construction worker, etc. And one time,…
August 20, 2018

Every. Single. Time.

Every. Single. Time. Every time I'm stuck waiting for the bus at this intersection, I am openly sexually harassed, sometimes by more than one man. It is terrifying to have two men who are strangers getting their jollies by making the lewdest sexual comments, almost like a competition. It is not rare for one of them to decide to get on the bus to follow, but a bus driver has…
Sun Prairie
August 3, 2018

Called me a bitch out of…

Man riding a motorcycle with a huge American flag on the back of it called be a bitch. This was after a man on a bicycle was staring at me.