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East Town
February 1, 2018

Men Staring at Women while Driving

Staring. What's with all the staring by men of women while men are driving in their cars? When this happens to me, I feel uncomfortable, threatened, and scared. I see it happen almost everyday to other women as well. I say this is sexual harassment. I don't like it, other women don't like it, most others don't like it either. Show some respect!
January 24, 2018

Inappropriate Discussion by a “Doctor”

I was in my teens, and my Mom took me to a doctor. I went back a few times, and the doctor talked to me face-to-face at one point about vaginal discharge, when I wasn't there for that, and this man was not a Medical Doctor either. I always felt a bit uncomfortable and he would make comments about how thin I was and he wasn't. I'm an adult now…
January 8, 2018

Public Masturbation in Suburbia

I went to a large store and my daughter (aged 2) walked over to one of the televisions playing as it was a cartoon show. A man sitting there (another customer?) began masturbating. This made me feel angry, afraid, and confused as to why a man would do this in public, let alone in front of a woman, and this case, a woman with a young child with her. I told the…