Every. Single. Time.

Every. Single. Time. Every time I’m stuck waiting for the bus at this intersection, I am openly sexually harassed, sometimes by more than one man. It is terrifying to have two men who are strangers getting their jollies by making the lewdest sexual comments, almost like a competition. It is not rare for one of them to decide to get on the bus to follow, but a bus driver has under no circumstance helped me. My daughter has also been repeatedly sexually harassed at this exact bus stop, to the point where she quit a job that required that particular route. We have both reported it. We were told that there are “demographic issues” with pursuing the problem. I have no earthly idea what that means. What I took from it is that neither the city nor transit finds the repeated experiences of women to matter if there are men involved who might be inconvenienced on what is apparently their rightful hunting ground. Please document as much as you can. Never ever stand at a bus stop in Milwaukee without your phone camera on and turned to video. If you can set up to livestream, even better. Harassment by men at bus stops is something that women who ride the bus talk about freely, but we need to shame the city by posting the harassment and also by taking screenshots of their refusals to address the harassment. We need to insist that there be a way for people to identify harassers and stalkers to the bus driver and to have footage taken at bus stops. There should also actually be a plan for follow up, not just reporting. The same men get away with this all the time, but for some reason, the police never seem to “find” them at the bus stop. Of course, if you have ever called MPD for help, you know what kind of chance you have that they will show up before 3-4 hours pass. These guys know that the cops won’t come.