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Men Staring at Women while Driving

Staring. What’s with all the staring by men of women while men are driving in their cars? When this happens to me, I feel uncomfortable, threatened, and scared. I see it happen almost everyday to other women as well. I say this is sexual harassment. I don’t like it, other women don’t like it, most … Continued

Inappropriate Discussion by a “Doctor”

I was in my teens, and my Mom took me to a doctor. I went back a few times, and the doctor talked to me face-to-face at one point about vaginal discharge, when I wasn’t there for that, and this man was not a Medical Doctor either. I always felt a bit uncomfortable and he … Continued

Public Masturbation in Suburbia

I went to a large store and my daughter (aged 2) walked over to one of the televisions playing as it was a cartoon show. A man sitting there (another customer?) began masturbating. This made me feel angry, afraid, and confused as to why a man would do this in public, let alone in front of a … Continued

Sexual Harassment at the Bus Stop

Walking on the street and guy waiting in a bus shelter gave me the yah baby look coupled with a smirk. I stared back and when I got to the street corner I took a picture of him. He saw me do so and flipped me off. I told him the picture was for the … Continued

Sexual Harassment is Bad for Business

At the store and saw a man saying hi in an entitled way to only women who were shopping by themselves. Plus treated women like eye candy. I haven’t been back to this store since then. Boy, sexual harassment is bad for business. It’s the second time at this store. First time it was a … Continued

Creepy Old Man

I was at a local establishment by myself waiting in line to conduct business (i.e., to make a reservation for the following week for a group I coordinate). This way older man said hello in a way that put me on guard, and when I didn’t say anything back, he said how are you tonight. … Continued

A Gauntlet of Sexism

I was in a local shopping mall by a popular coffee stand waiting for someone for a business appointment when a man asked “How are you doing?” My thought was I don’t know this stranger, so why is he talking to me. When the person I was waiting for arrived, she and I were standing … Continued