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Harassment at School

Male professor stared me up and down in the elevator. Another male professor likes to look at women’s backsides (the bigger the better). This same professor who looks at women’s backsides also told me that another male professor responds well to me, if you know what I mean. Countless incidents of slimy hellos and looking … Continued

Every. Single. Time.

Every. Single. Time. Every time I’m stuck waiting for the bus at this intersection, I am openly sexually harassed, sometimes by more than one man. It is terrifying to have two men who are strangers getting their jollies by making the lewdest sexual comments, almost like a competition. It is not rare for one of … Continued

Threatening to Kill Me and My Husband

[name] and I started out dating in 2006 and a year later we broke it off. I made the decision to persue a friend I had met through him romantically. This upset [name] and that is when the stalking and violent language started. What is now my husband and I spent many years trying to … Continued


Man staring/smirking at me while I’m trying to go about my business. I want peace while in public spaces!

Men Staring at Women while Driving

Staring. What’s with all the staring by men of women while men are driving in their cars? When this happens to me, I feel uncomfortable, threatened, and scared. I see it happen almost everyday to other women as well. I say this is sexual harassment. I don’t like it, other women don’t like it, most … Continued

Inappropriate Discussion by a “Doctor”

I was in my teens, and my Mom took me to a doctor. I went back a few times, and the doctor talked to me face-to-face at one point about vaginal discharge, when I wasn’t there for that, and this man was not a Medical Doctor either. I always felt a bit uncomfortable and he … Continued

Public Masturbation in Suburbia

I went to a large store and my daughter (aged 2) walked over to one of the televisions playing as it was a cartoon show. A man sitting there (another customer?) began masturbating. This made me feel angry, afraid, and confused as to why a man would do this in public, let alone in front of a … Continued

Sexual Harassment at the Bus Stop

Walking on the street and guy waiting in a bus shelter gave me the yah baby look coupled with a smirk. I stared back and when I got to the street corner I took a picture of him. He saw me do so and flipped me off. I told him the picture was for the … Continued